Amygdala hijack, EQ & leadership development..

It's been some days now and it's time for me now to claim this space, share this urge, this from a scientific perspective around boosting your emotional intelligence (EQ).

I strongly believe this intelligence is an important path way to succeed in your leadership.

This urge comes from some coaching experiences where I had the chance to meet coachees that needed to develop their EQ.
Unfortunately they are now in a journey where they're hijacked by their amygdala, this controls their control base and it succeeds up till now in leading them into something that doesn't work for their personal and professional growth.

Fortunately you can overcome an amygdala hijack, you can lift up your energy consciousness and integrate this to your leadership.

What about YOU?
What do you do to manage your strong emotional reactions? 
How do you lead at that crucial moment?
What are the actions you're taking to integrate this to your leadership?

I look forward to read how you're playful with amygdala hijackings, integration of it into your leadership , and I will join you in the comments section of the article.

Find below a very interesting paper about this topic by Daniel Golemen and Dr. Siegel: