Why Process coaching is so powerful by Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria

During my graduation weekend of “the Co- Active Coaching program” by CTI I had the chance to meet a new amazing and very courageous group of coaches. An interesting topic came up during our lunch time: “Process coaching” and how its strength can change Individuals and Organisations.

As Co-Active Coaches we use this model from different perspectives.
From the perspective of “Fulfillment Coaching”: YOU will be reinforced as coachee.
If you see it from “Balance coaching” perspective: YOU will generate a panel of reactivity.
Here it comes with Process Coaching: As a coach we assist YOU to get deeply and to stay with YOUR experience.

I recognised this same skill in practicing and studying Kendo (Japanese martial art), zazen (zen meditation) and Mindfulness.
The exploration is different however the result is the same..

My best state of mind and results are during competitions when the focus remains solely on the present moment.
It’s all about seeing the opponent as one whole person and without thinking about the next or previous move.
Same happens to my Coach colleague during his horse jumping competition. It’s a high concentration of energy and positive vibes around this x specific moment.

This is exactly what happens when YOU experience Process Coaching.

In order to remain competitive regardless of business climate, organisations must work on a strategy for fundamentally transforming, not simply investing in, human capital.
Unaffectedly focusing on developing employees professional or operational expertise is completely inappropriate to built truly sustainable breakthrough performance.
If you give this opportunity to employees to perceive and get the best achievement out of themselves as my friend and myself did then they will be able to do it with each other in and outside the organisation.

What means being focused at: work, home, leisure activity,..?
How do you manage to remain in the present?
How do you feel when you remain NOW?

Hint and tip of the day: Stay tuned and explore the present and a lot of MAGIC will happen to YOU and the people around you!

Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria