Embrace your inner power and unleash your leadership potential!

  • What thoughts and emotions keep you from appreciating the joy in your daily life, relationships and work?

  • What doubts keep you from being connected with yourself and to take decisive actions?

  • What beliefs prevent you from seeing plenty of options and perspectives that are available to you?

  • Do you or did you struggle through difficult times, through a lot of suffering and seeing yourself focussing on the future and the past and not live your life now?

It's like passing by as the superhero
"the flash". We can spend time and a whole life trying to change other people and the world and to be always into an action mode. And before we know we don't take the time to question ourselves.

That was part of my universe up till Yesterday. Through trying, failing, being determined to move forward I learn that being detached of your thoughts, accepting them and to see them through the glasses of curiosity you connect viscerally with your own potential. 

And it's that mindset that defines successful people!

This retreat is for anyone who wants to slow down, to take the time to work effectively and compassionately with the places you are noticing yourself stuck or uncomfortable and discover more freedom, clear thinking and peace for yourself.

Some outcomes you will leave with:

  • Connection with your core and potential

  • Awareness of your power

  • New horizons

  • Ability to express your leadership in your daily life

  • Connection to other like-minded members of the Tombo community

  • A shining liveliness

  • Love for who you really are; owning what you really desire

  • Bursting energy and drive

  • Ability to start a new journey

Are you ready for your work to create a positive change?Are you ready to feel more connected with your essence and energised with what you do? Then let’s start!

Join other women to rewild yourself!
Embrace your inner power and unleash your leadership potential!

October 9-13, 2019, Spanish Pyrenees.
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Your facilitator: Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria, Life & Leadership Expert,
Head Coach at Tombo Tribe Consulting 

My mission is to help you transform yourself into grounded leader.