Meeting an impressive KENDO coach . master . semi god

Last weekend I had the chance to train again with Sumi sensei. He's a very prestigious kendo master from Japan. The first opportunity was thanks to Mr. Terry Holt sensei in Scotland.

It's a real pleasure and a huge honor to receive training from him. I can tell you he's a talented pedagogical teacher and a great coach. By coaching I mean a great "coach" and not trainer or mentor.. He's challenging your daily practice, by asking you pertinent and important open questions and by pushing you outside your comfort zone.

On my side it was a very emotional weekend. Middle of the mist of all the doubts I feel around the shape of my body, remembering side effects (cause of death of H. sensei), the new crohn treatment, my kendo path and the sensei correcting my body posture during this we; I can tell you I have been in the arena during all the seminar!!

My taking away is that it's ok to be there even if I still having tears..
I don't know where it will bring me and I will do my best to follow my DO of the KEN.
The great experience is that I didn't feel triggered or shame inside me during his supervision.

This is what my clients can expect of me during their coaching and/or in their leadership development!

Much gratitude for Sumi sensei + other present sensei, Kenyu doyjo and all the other participants!