Today's headline: Managing the Critical Voices Inside Your Head by Peter Bregman

In The Coaching Training Institute we use the word "saboteurs" for dissonant thoughts that are trying to limit our mind frame..  In the beginning of a coaching relationship we take the time with the clients to explore them together.
It's very helpful and beneficent for them to engage afterwards when they appear during their process..

This is actually an interesting paper of how you can work efficiently against "saboteurs" in order to improve your competences. 
It's all about being tuned with your inner self, choices and being reactive to those energies coming through your mind..
It's also a statement  that you can’t control how people respond to you, but you can control how you take them in and how you respond to them.

What about YOU?
How do you engage in leadership in this context?
How flexible are you? 

I look forward to read how you experiment and react with your own saboteurs, and will join you in the comments section of this post.