Today's headline: Rising strong and connect with your vulnerability

Today I feel the urge to share some new insights I'm coming cross through my leadership journey.
I can describe it as a cyclone with a lot of life cycles appearing in my current existence. 
A lot of things are going through my body, mind and heart and there’s more to come!  
It's fascinating and on the same time it's scary too. What I'd like about scariness is the beauty to let it go and this is honestly a precious stretch for me. 

By doing this I can bravely fail as a queen, connect with my vulnerability, recover smoothly & in an awkwardly way and that’s ok too.

Besides the cyclone I'm also creating more lightness and I'm seeking to have more a Peter Pan kind of spirit presence in my life and that makes me smiling and give confidence in my heart.

Like I have been remembered Yesterday, Co-leadership is not about me; it's about US!
It’s about my precious "co- colleague" and myself leading from different places in different spaces.
It's about: connection, trust, lean in, being aligned, being tuned, clearing assumptions, creating boundaries, intuition, naming what we need from each other and from ourselves and much more...

What I learned about my last co-leadership is to stay grounded and connected like a solid rock further be prepared when un expecting behaviour is co-created. 
To be aware of what triggers our values, remaining detached of those assumptions around those values and bringing our attention back to the present.
It's crucial to share our own different "energy levels" during the co-leadership, this to prevent to activate our wildly "reptile brain" and loose our partner in the middle of our adventure by either withdrawing, fighting or by having a short circuit.

I learned to re-design the alliance whenever we needed and claim our space by naming what we need. I have been remembered to stay in the moment and keep connected with my co-leader whatever happened and improvise with the flow.

A re-direction of thoughts moved us from a low energy dynamic perspective to a more stable balanced flow. We did our best and succeed with our magnificent failures. I'm sending a lot of gratitude for those leanings to my co-leader partner.

Being vulnerable is being courage and reinforcing your values as a leader.
I will fiercely continue this path by being crystal clear and sharp with my words. I also reach out for help to all the bluebirds and other leadership tribe friends to keep challenging me when it's needed.
As Tolkien mentioned: " Pursuing it with eager feet, until it joins some larger way, where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I can not say"...

For those that are ready to empower yourself, to recognise your capacity, to lead in all areas of your life, then I strongly recommend you the "Co-Active Leadership program"