Springtime News Tombo Tribe

In the Japanese culture springtime has the symbolic metaphor of a new life cycle and
at Tombo Tribe, we also celebrate a new cycle where the seeds grow to the next stage.

It's beautiful to acknowledge the impact and the growth of the Mentoring Programme Arsenia designed and led for Professional Women International in Brussels.
She brought the programme to another level. She cares and she shares: "Leading +100 ladies in their growth is graceful to witness and to see them take their ownership is a gift to the heart." 
Tombo Tribe also celebrates the expansion and the drive some profit and profit organisations are currently making as a result of our leadership advise.
Her purpose is to encourage people to have courageous conversations and to support individuals and teams to get in touch with their real successes. Tombo tribe strives for heartful, human leadership in an age of machines.  
Last year Tombo Tribe has also been deepening and expanding the coaching community both in terms of our diversity and expertise as a council member of The Coaching Fellowship worldwide. Arsenia also continues to support and to lead the Belgian Co-Active Community in an organic way. 

We also continue to support the leaders of tomorrow: the children.
In 2019 Tombo collaborates with schools, the library from Ixelles and other non-profit organisations with whom she works to co-create a more inclusive and diverse community.

We create learning experiences
with and in nature,
for personal and organisational
leadership growth.

Tombo Events 2019

09/05: The Power of a beautiful Mind
07/06: Leading from within
19/09: Leadership and her 5 natural elements
09-13/10: “Rewild Yourself” Tombo Retreat
21-22/11: Leading Allies

Leadership Areas at Tombo Tribe

We help building open, efficient, authentic and beautiful organisations in times of permanent technological change. We inspire organisations to be more humanistic than ever and to dare to have courageous conversations in the age of machines.
Your leadership takes different forms and it depends of what are the current needs of your organisation. What’s your path, your way, your do道  like we say in martial arts?

Following an extensive conversation to understand those needs, your way as an innovative organisation and your desired outcomes one of our leadership insights will be designed for you.

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