Tombo Coaching grows into Tombo Tribe!

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Celebration time!

The story started with coaching and NOW
it's much more than Tombo Coaching..

Today I say "thank you" to all of you supporting Tombo up till now! It's a great honour to know I can lean in and I'm never alone into this adventurous journey. I also know whatever will happen I always have a colourful parachute that supports me.

Today I invite you to join me in this beautiful celebration. It all started around empowering kids and the drive to create heartful leaders on mother earth. On my path I discover I'm a catalyst and it's beautiful to see the impact I create around me up till now.

My curiosity and my driven spirit continue to engage people and to grow organically.
Tombo Coaching grows into Tombo Tribe. It grows, and it's more than coaching.
It grows into sustainable partnerships. I choose my partners based on our synergies and the alignment with Tombo. Today Tombo Tribe collaborates with 2 psychologists and an anthropologist.
She has a pool of coaches under her umbrella and she provides consultancy, mentoring and corporate training.

Today I invite you to join us to pause and to celebrate this special moment. 

From now on the website is www.tombotribe.com and you can join the tribe at arsenia@tombotribe.com

Stay in the present and gain super powers!

The benefits are great to focus inwards. You gain meaningful efficiency you can expand around you.
The art of the Tibetan culture inspires my meditation journey from the age of 8 and this journey brought me afterwards many times to Japan where I had the chance to meditate in temples and to learn from great zen and kendo masters.

The place where I'm now it's only the beginning of a wonderful adventure to climb my next summit!

REMEMBER: less is more..

Recommended readings

What makes us happy at work by Jennifer O'Connell

Tips of the expert: the example must come from the top down, it’s important to listen to employees and practice the 12 steps to wellbeing at work!


I look forward to reading what it is for your to be an example in the wins and during the failures.

I also hope you're taking care of your wellbeing not only at work and also outside work, and I will join you in the comments section of the article.

Security is mostly a superstition..

Security is a superstition. As an entrepreneur, the free pass to the emotional roller coast is part of my journey. The big learning for me is to stay detached with the uncertainties/control that appears on my path and to let it go. The days I have a free mind I'm free of my ego and I create lightness.
I create lightness in my mind, my spirit and my body.
From there I continue my path..

What about you?
What's the best you can do to create lightness around security?