Wishing you a soft completion of 2017.

I would like to say: thank you. Thank you to all of you to be present , to support each other, to hold each other back and to call each other forth. This makes a difference in our lives and it helps me continue to be inspired and to continue the work!

In 2018, we continue to do the work and we continue to keep our hearts open.
I believe it's now more important to nourish this precious space between all of us from a systemic point of view with a lot of love. Socrates nails it: "Focus all your energy on building the new one"!

I wish you a smoothly end of the year with the people you love and let's be ready to kick an even bigger dent in the universe, together.

Love, Arsenia

Find your inner strength with 1 single breath!

Leading strongly from within with 1 single breath!  
How do you do this with only 1 inspiration? 

In the below documentary created by Ian Derry, find out what it means and helped save Johanna Nordblad's leg. Now she has a world record.

There's no place for fear, no place for panic, ,no place for mistakes...

Once you find the right place being fully present and you connect to your inner strength you're part of something bigger..

I can help you to find this connection and empower your inner leadership to built sustainable work development. Contact me and see how I can help you to connect with your path.