We always have options to deal with TRIGGERS!

We all collect triggers, saboteurs or inner triggers. It's important to know they are doing their best to avoid to achieve your goals. It's not you and it takes all the space in your head. This is what I call a lovely rugby team..  When the trigger wakes up, we create an impulse and from there we will take an adequate or not adequate response to it. From a Science perspective we distinguish: 
                                            trigger/irritation - impulse - reaction..   

I love the metaphor of seeing triggers like stations.. Explore to identify your stops, learn what they look like + feel like and remain detached. I invite you to recognize them as you approach their stations and get off the train at the earliest stops possible.

Once we work around this, we can make choices and here Peter Bregman shows us some practical examples how to take actions in his interesting paper: quash your bad habits by knowing what triggers them

I'm curious the way you're dealing with yours. Share this with me and 1 piece of advise: don't take yourself seriously when they show up:)