inner leadership

Leading from the heart.

source picture: Erika Kuhn

source picture: Erika Kuhn

I see this picture and it reminds me the importance of leading from the heart.
It reminds me to hear the others.
It reminds me to understand my needs and the needs of the others.
It reminds me to create a safety net when leading teams.
It reminds me: you can have a big heart and still say NO.

These are my words.

Not all those who wander are lost, J.R.R Tolkien.

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Some tips when you feel uncomfortable having difficult conversations and you avoid conflicts.


Last weeks I encounter myself having very sensitive conversations where I know people might straight away think about it like conflicts.. It was beautiful to witness the system, the person and myself navigating through hard topics and to remain solidly being present with a lot of trust in the space.
I also even surprised myself afterwards avoiding and even not willing to express my discomfort on other moments. I stayed with it by taking a step back and check in with my curiosity..
Something to explore around my leadership...

Having a different opinion and/or thoughts is not about having a conflict. 

I encourage my clients and you to explore and connect with the other person from the heart when it's about having difficult conversations. Below some interesting tips by J. Garfinkle around this fascinating topic!

What about YOU?

Find your inner strength with 1 single breath!

Leading strongly from within with 1 single breath!  
How do you do this with only 1 inspiration? 

In the below documentary created by Ian Derry, find out what it means and helped save Johanna Nordblad's leg. Now she has a world record.

There's no place for fear, no place for panic, ,no place for mistakes...

Once you find the right place being fully present and you connect to your inner strength you're part of something bigger..

I can help you to find this connection and empower your inner leadership to built sustainable work development. Contact me and see how I can help you to connect with your path.