The importance of A in S.T.E.A.M education and leadership development


At Tombo Tribe, we help to build open, efficient, authentic and beautiful teams and Gen Z in times of permanent technological change. "A" stands for Arts and it plays a crucial role as any other letter in S.T.E.A.M education and in leadership development. We inspire organisations to be more humanistic than ever and to dare to have courageous conversations in the age of machines.

From a neuroscientific perspective - a creative act is a result of the interaction between the frontal lobe (where we come up with new ideas), the temporal lobe (where we judge ideas), and a release of dopamine. It means creative thinking helps your brain to establish new pathways and generating innovative unusual ideas.

Contact Tombo Tribe and we help your teams become grounded and connected leaders in the age of machines.

Stay in the present and gain super powers!

The benefits are great to focus inwards. You gain meaningful efficiency you can expand around you.
The art of the Tibetan culture inspires my meditation journey from the age of 8 and this journey brought me afterwards many times to Japan where I had the chance to meditate in temples and to learn from great zen and kendo masters.

The place where I'm now it's only the beginning of a wonderful adventure to climb my next summit!

REMEMBER: less is more..

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