Today's headline: Can meditation reduce suffering..

Meditation has been very precious during preparation of big projects, coaching people, competitions, examinations, pain and much more.

If you succeed in being mindful with yourself, it can reduce the suffering or even make it disappear.

Zazen (zen meditation) is at the core of Japanese martial arts.
An everyday life equivalent is mindfulness.
It brings you peace and space in your thoughts during you daily activities.

Nice, however it's not that easy..
Before, my mind could be devastated by an overflow of thoughts.

One wave right after the other!
Now, step by step, I manage their visits.
I observe those thoughts further, I try not to judge them or even catch them..

Some day it works and sometimes you don't succeed.
If it doesn't work today then it's fine.
Tomorrow will be a new day.
Just be gentle with yourself.

This tool is very precious when encountering a lot of pain.
The pain doesn't disappear however it can soothe your suffering.
Depending of your attitude during the meditations you will be capable of making it disappear.
It is and remains a challenge for myself.

It's a fantastic challenge that I use with my coachees.

And you? Any challenge?