Leading from the heart.

source picture: Erika Kuhn

source picture: Erika Kuhn

I see this picture and it reminds me the importance of leading from the heart.
It reminds me to hear the others.
It reminds me to understand my needs and the needs of the others.
It reminds me to create a safety net when leading teams.
It reminds me: you can have a big heart and still say NO.

These are my words.

Tombo Coaching grows into Tombo Tribe!

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Celebration time!

The story started with coaching and NOW
it's much more than Tombo Coaching..

Today I say "thank you" to all of you supporting Tombo up till now! It's a great honour to know I can lean in and I'm never alone into this adventurous journey. I also know whatever will happen I always have a colourful parachute that supports me.

Today I invite you to join me in this beautiful celebration. It all started around empowering kids and the drive to create heartful leaders on mother earth. On my path I discover I'm a catalyst and it's beautiful to see the impact I create around me up till now.

My curiosity and my driven spirit continue to engage people and to grow organically.
Tombo Coaching grows into Tombo Tribe. It grows, and it's more than coaching.
It grows into sustainable partnerships. I choose my partners based on our synergies and the alignment with Tombo. Today Tombo Tribe collaborates with 2 psychologists and an anthropologist.
She has a pool of coaches under her umbrella and she provides consultancy, mentoring and corporate training.

Today I invite you to join us to pause and to celebrate this special moment. 

From now on the website is and you can join the tribe at