Museum and creativity coaching

Tombo news: let's be inspired and expand our mind frame in a creative way.
I start a new coaching process program in nature - Tervuren Park and in Mima Museum both in Brussels.

Good news: I have an opening for 2 new clients.
PM if interested and only if you're really motivated!

Looking forward to it!!

Sending you love, Arsenia

Nature and leadership during the Exhilarating Retreat

One of my tribe sisters that is also fascinated as me by neuroscience and how our brain works shared a very interested video by National Geographic. Their focus during 2016 is around the influence of nature on people.  Gracias for sharing this video Marijne!

This is connecting the dots with our Exhilarating Retreat in September where the keys are the location in a nature reserve and also the leadership activities where you will tap into nature and yourself! It will be a heart opening, body awakening and mind resting retreat. 

Your learning will unleash your inner leader and bring about profound changes.

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