I'm very happy to announce my upcoming co-leadership with Ilse Noppen.
This project provides me with a lot of sparkles and it lift my energy up to the next level to empower together with Ilse our upcoming tribe. 

We're organizing a retreat for women that have already established their professional development, it's about women that has entrepreneurship in her veins. 
During this retreat we both will empower them to be stronger connected with their essence and their inner leadership...

Find above the flyer and feel free to share this to other women that could benefit of this exceptional experience where they will belong to a WOMEN community.

More details will be announced in March 2016.

Sending love,
Ilse & Arsenia

Today's headline: When to Bring in a Professional Coach by Robin Wynn

What about you?
What about your values, morals and ethics?
What do you do when you have conflicts of interests?
How do you deal to keep your professional Integrity?

I look forward to read how you react with your conflicts of interests on regular basis, and will join you in the comments section of this post.