Today's headline: Increase the light in you and get rid of your saboteurs by Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria

Last week I went to Ghent for kendo practice and I could already sense the flavour of autumn. This morning I wake up enjoying the different light that the sun provides us in September.
Mmm autumn..

Living in Brussels and having mediterranean roots provides me with different lights perspectives. In theory less light, a lot of Grouchy Smurfs on the streets and a lot of saboteurs..
In addition to growing up in a cultural decor with light directors around me that taught me the sharpness and the possibilities that you can create with different light intensities.
It’s huge challenge to increase the light till March.
My saboteurs will intrude my winter life to make me stay and embrace the deliciously warm atmosphere from home instead to go for running, climbing, kendo, meeting friends and much more.

I will do everything to repel my saboteurs and take the courage to move forward to achieve my current objectives.
I will not catch those negative thoughts of other saboteurs that are tired, in a bad mood because of the weather instead I will see them as the grouchy smurfs and I will maintain my focus on the essential goal of the day.

I will keep close to me my the Japanese autumn experience of enjoying the splendid colourful maple diversity. They have a huge variety of colourful leaves (koyo) that corresponds to what cherry blossoms are to spring.

It’s the end of a new beginning.
It's an interesting perspective to explore during the coaching process..

Find enclosed the red colours that can inspire you all during your cold days.
It’s not just red it’s a fiery red! 
I wish you all having a lot of warm activities in and outdoor from the perspective of the red Japanese maple.

What is the impact of light on you?
What do you do to not decrease your energy during those months?
How do you repel your saboteurs? 
What do you do when they provide you with excuses to remain home instead to go for running, meeting friends and much more..
What do you do to keep a panel of colours in your thoughts from now on till March?

I look forward to your awareness about how you're taking care about your energy, and will join you in the comments section of the article.