Female Leadership Programmes

An inclusive DEI Programme to fight bias

Organisation and teams, Facilitator at W100, Brussels and R9, Greece, 2019

This training invites the participants to engage in a creative and interactive way where they get familiarise themselves with the most common biases women face. As a group, participants exchange and create a common vocabulary, we get clarity about what it means for us through specific examples and our own experiences of bias, and debate research-based recommendations to move into specific actions.

The programme is effective as it’s:
- Specific and solutions-oriented
- Developed to engage men
- Research- based approach

Ideal for: Organisations/groups who wants their teams challenge bias and help turn these trends around. You want to create inclusive teams as they will be happier and more productive.

Typically: 2/3 hours, 6-10 or 50+ participants. There are a number of approaches companies big and small can take.
A large company workshop: 50+ participants, a small group discussion, share with managers before hiring and promotions: 6-8 participants.

Forerunner Female Leadership Programme


Organisations and teams

The programme takes 12 weeks. It consists of 6 biweekly online modules where women will be part of a like minded community of successful leaders who find new ways to step up to their own power. A community , this to take the next step, where you will share your insights,
your experiences and rise your leadership to the next level.

Forerunner Leadership Programme is a kick ass project for women that are ready to rise into the next stage of their leadership.

Through the 6 modules, the systemic group coaching, peer reviews, leadership cases and the philosophy of martial arts you:

- Learn about your inner leadership styles and strengths and increase impact through effective communication
- Excel life balance by recognising energy drainers and origins
- Develop strategy insights into their values and drivers, unstuck your self-perceived limitations, assumptions on effectiveness as an executive leader
- Expand your impactful presence as a leader
- Create dynamic ways to continually focus on your presence as a successful and inspiring leader and improve your communication skills  
- Gain vision to own career and professional growth

The Female forerunner Leadership Programme focuses specifically on the UN Goal 5: achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. On average, less than 1 in 3 senior and middle management positions are held by women. Last research conducted by LeanIn.Org, in partnership with McKinsey & Company, show women are ready to close the gap and this programme helps the corporate world to include this in their objectives and to make it real!
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Tribal Appreciation

Arsenia raised the quality and increased the performance of the mentoring programme of Professional Women International. Diversity and inclusion are also important to her. I've also been impressed with her commitment to ethics and values. Plus, she's probably the highest-rated female martial arts athlete in Belgium, which I love about her.

Noelle Knox, International Business Journalist, Worldwide

Arsenia is force for good.
She is an incredible executive coach with a passion for transformation and creating change in every human being for the betterment of the world.
She models outwardly her deep resilience and strength, and as a result she is an inspiration to so many. Arsenia is a global citizen, touching everyone she meets and holding them accountable to bring their best selves forward. 
I cannot recommend Arsenia’s coaching expertise and character enough.

Jane Finette, CEO & Co-Founder at Radical, Saratoga, California

I met Arsenia when she was leading the Professional Women’s International (PWI) Mentoring Program where Stanley Black & Decker participated.
I was impressed with her passion and energy to support others and ability to implement change.
Arsenia is extremely dedicated to the goals she is pursuing and puts her heart and soul in achieving them. Arsenia truly exemplifies the finest qualities for today’s diverse professional woman.

Maria Josefina Perdomo Arreaza, European Finance Manager Global Electronic Security, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., Brussels