Tribal Appreciation

Arsenia is force for good. She is an incredible executive coach with a passion for transformation and creating change in every human being for the betterment of the world.
She models outwardly her deep resilience and strength, and as a result she is an inspiration to so many. Arsenia is a global citizen, touching everyone she meets and holding them accountable to bring their best selves forward.
I cannot recommend Arsenia’s coaching expertise and character enough.
— Jane Finette, CEO & Co-Founder at Radical, Saratoga, California

I met Arsenia when she was leading the Professional Women’s International (PWI) Mentoring Program where Stanley Black & Decker participated. I was impressed with her passion and energy to support others and ability to implement change. Arsenia is extremely dedicated to the goals she is pursuing and puts her heart and soul in achieving them. Arsenia truly exemplifies the finest qualities for today’s diverse professional woman.
— Maria Josefina Perdomo Arreaza, European Finance Manager - Global Electronic Security, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

I thought I knew what emotional intelligence was and then I met Arsenia.
She helps to awaken the true potential that is always within you. I was matched with her through The Coaching Fellowship program, and am so incredibly grateful for it.
She challenges you ask yourself the questions which allow you to lead with calmness, confidence and fun, and which honour your own personal values.
I came away from my coaching with personal feedback from a direct report,
”you are truly a great Manager”, and beyond developing leadership skills,
I even developed my own abilities to coach others.
When you work with Arsenia, it’s a safe space to build something beautiful!
— Christina Wu, Community and Impact Measurement Manager at European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), Worldwide

What a great experience I had working with Arsenia as my coach at The Coaching Fellowship. She helped me push myself beyond my limits mentally with all the support I needed. She did it firmly and in a way that made me feel that she was holding me strongly during the whole process. An experience of growth in great leaps and
open mindedness as a leader and as an individual.
I am grateful for the opportunity to learn a great deal from her brilliant mind.
I also want to share that I have continued to grow so much as a result of the coaching you took me through. In my growth I have noticed that I challenge my staff a great deal towards their own growth. I have improved a lot in claiming my space, and most importantly doing so with the least bit of emotion.
I truly feel much more confident in myself as a leader and as an individual.
Thanks again for the journey that you walked with me.
— Flora Awiti Mayigane, Counseling Psychologist, Capacity Builder, Public Speaker, Emergent Leader, Kenya

I had the pleasure to create a retreat together with Arsenia. She was a great partner!
She is creative, well organised, structured and focused! Given the project we embarked, the road wasn’t always easy and we always found ways to pave the way and move forward, which was great learning for both of us.
Above all there was always plenty of room for fun –
a great combination of hard work, learning and joy!
— Ilse Noppen Leadership Coach, Career Fulfillment Coach, Trainer at True North Consulting, Portugal

Arsenia is the best choice for a coaching process. She is supportive and fully committed to the process. She has the great ability to understand and adapt the coaching process to the coachee’s needs. She has a great sensitivity which allows her to guide from a very human approach. She is highly professional yet she is also a very easy person to communicate with. With her you manage to take that step forward in your life while making you feel supported and held.
— Marta Cembrero, Contract Manager at Cameo Global Europe, Brussels

How did you or any aspect of your life/work/business change as a result of coaching with Arsenia? She helped me to connect with my emotions. I subsequently had some wonderful healing insights, which I am sure came in part from the work done with her.
Arsenia is a passionate coach with a high degree of empathy.
She has a well developed awareness of emotions and is skilled at working with them.
— Ross N., business mentor, coach and speaker, United Kingdom

I had the chance to be coached by Arsenia a few months ago. I was really impressed by her professionalism. She is very objective, and helped me to understand my strength and weaknesses and gave me keys to progress. She’s a very strong minded person, with a very good mental toughness,
(her work and Kendo experiences show that she’s demanding and determined) and with love in the same time. Which makes all the qualities to be a good coach.
— Sophie Bissler, product manager, Strasbourg

Arsenia has a clear focus. My experience in working with her gave me a lot of confidence on the ultimate outcome of the project. She shows dedication, commitment and keeps the goals of the organisation in mind. She has a sharp insight of that’s what’s necessary to make working results sustainable and people tied together to create it.
— Isabelle Cuppens, CPCC, medical doctor, Brussels

Arsenia is a top player of kendo. Having practised together with her,
I believe that the high skills she has mastered in kendo through years of hard training will have a positive effect on her coaching as well. The same perseverance and devotion are there whether you meet Arsenia in the practise hall or at customer work in Tombo.
— Markus Frey, creative director, kendo renshi 7th dan, Helsinki

Reliable, hard worker and very professional, Arsenia can be one of the key to develop your business, company and to contribute to get a better self esteem.
— Samira Zaïbat, freelance cultural consulting, Paris

Thank you Arsenia for making me see these points,
helping me recognise my feelings, making me feel
normal, making me feel proud of who I am, what I can do and my changes.
Thanks for making life seem like a roller coaster to enjoy, and even when there are moments when the enjoyment seems far from myself, you’ve helped me create actions to bring that back to me (the habits).
— Charlotte Elton, account and project manager at Golazo sports, media & entertainment, Beringen

Très bon travail avec Arsenia sur le développement de la confiance en soi et la préparation mentale à la compétition dans le sport.
Nous avons travaillé toute une saison ensemble pour préparer au mieux les championnats du monde de kendo et je ferais appel à nouveau à ses services
à l’avenir pour de prochains objectifs 🌠
— Inés Loïdi - Équipe de France, Kendo

Arsenia m’a accompagné, durant quelques mois, dans le cadre de la définition et de l’atteinte de nouveaux objectifs dans mon parcours personnel mais aussi professionnel. Son coaching bienveillant et pertinent est générateur d’énergie et créateur de nouvelles voies. Les méthodologies utilisées couplées à sa grande capacité d’écoute ont été des moteurs de changement et d’évolution très positifs.
Ce fut un partenariat de grande qualité.
— Thibot Michot, consultant & HR trainer, Brussels