The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man & woman.

George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright (1856 - 1950)

What I love about the quote of Don Shaw is that in time of changes, the progress depends on the unreasonable man & woman. And the time is right for me as an unreasonable leader to bring clarity and to create a safety net for the challenge topics covered today through talks and through panel moderation for a better sustainable world of tomorrow.

What I love to contribute


The Power of a Beautiful Mind
Learn what is mental toughness and the power of a beauty mind.  Gain new insights of how to maintain your inner strength and self confidence in times of unexpected challenges and changes.

Daring conversations every day  
Learn the mechanisms that prevents you to get to your real
Success. Benefit of different skills to dare more and be at ease
having courageous conversations without feeling unpleasant
and/or taking it personally.

Leading Allies with the 5 natural elements
In her authentic and inspirational talks, Arsenia reveals you the secrets of her multidimensional Tombo leadership Tool.

You will walk away:
- Expanding your knowledge with a new multidimensional leadership model
- Inspired about what martial arts brings in Leadership and in your daily life
- Equipped with a strong awareness and new skills to lead from a deeper place as never before
- Increasing your emotional intelligence
- Bursting your inner strength and creativity
- Understanding what's the essence of a real Agile leader

Future talks


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Arsenia is force for good. She is an incredible executive coach with a passion for transformation and creating change in every human being for the betterment of the world. She models outwardly her deep resilience and strength, and as a result she is an inspiration to so many. Arsenia is a global citizen, touching everyone she meets and holding them accountable to bring their best selves forward. 
— Jane Finette, CEO & Co-Founder at Radical, Saratoga, California