Change starts with you!

You’re a passionate and strong leader. Lately, you hear an overpowering inner voice saying that the world is changing at a dazzling pace and that you actually have lots of difficulties to cope and adapt.

Why not transform that inner voice to create a new purposeful journey?
What if you could rediscover your inner super powers?
What if you could become an unstoppable warrior, ready to take on the world?

I'm Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria! I'm the founder of a tribe called Tombo. It means dragonfly in Japanese. It is written “蜻蛉” or “勝虫” in Kanji characters. The meaning of “勝” is victory/ win, and “虫” means insect. This is the reason why Tombo was a popular symbol of courage among Samurai warriors in the Edo period(1615–1868). Tombo reflects my philosophy of life.
I’m a high ranked martial arts athlete, I have been part of the Belgian National Female Kendo Team (Japanese martial arts), and have worked with numerous top athletes. My key elements: efficiency, humanity, grace, perseverance, enthusiasm and tenacity made me the strong and beautiful person that I am today. 

Tombo represents a peaceful setting for the warriors that you are: passionate and purpose-led leaders.
Thanks to a harmonious combination of knowledge and strength, I help you thrive, without any forms of judgement.
I strive for heartful, human leadership in an age of machines. Like the dragonfly, I always move forward.
Welcome to the Tombo tribe!

I’m helping YOU become
a grounded leader.


My purpose is to help people to have courageous conversations and to support teams and individuals to get in touch with their real successes. I connect high performers with their core, their inner person. My aim is to maximise your innate creative skills and potential resources. This helps you to live as much as possible in line with your passion and to get the maximum out of yourself, your life, healthy, career and relationships. 


I combine high engagement, wellbeing and sustainable high performances when there’s a transformation.
I have a passion for co-design beautiful businesses. I do not discriminate against age, background and culture.
My client's evaluation criteria are based on the capacity and range of their impact, and where the individuals are in their career and their growth. I work with people who want to make a change, to make it happen and to get to their next summit.

Leadership takes different forms and it depends of what are the current needs of yourself and your organisation.
Following an extensive conversation to understand those needs and your desired outcomes one of the different leadership development services will be designed for you.

Are you ready to explore how we can work together, get in touch today.

Arsenia raised the quality and increased the performance of the mentoring programme of Professional Women International. Diversity and inclusion are also important to her. I’ve also been impressed with her commitment to ethics and values. Plus, she’s probably the highest-rated female martial arts athlete in Belgium, which I love about her.
— Noelle Knox, Director PR, at GSMA Europe, Brussels
Arsenia is a top player of kendo. Having practised together with her, I believe that the high skills she has mastered in kendo through years of hard training will have a positive effect on her coaching as well. The same perseverance and devotion are there whether you meet Arsenia in the practise hall or at customer work in Tombo.

— Markus Frey, creative director, kendo renshi 7th dan, Helsinki
Arsenia has a clear focus.
My experience in working with her gave me a lot of confidence on the ultimate outcome of the project.
She shows dedication, commitment and keeps the goals of the organisation in mind. She has a sharp insight of that’s what’s necessary to make working results sustainable and people tied together to create it.
— Isabelle Cuppens, CPCC, medical doctor, Brussels

My passion KENDO

Kendo leaders seminar Japan 2017, Kenyu seminar with Sumi sensei Paris 2016, Spanish National Kendo Championships:
Gold female team 2014, Budo seminar Vienna 2013,
WKC Novara 2012, Int. Springtime kids tournament Ghent 2013,
Squad training Brussels 2013

Our clients @ work

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