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Organisation and teams, Bluebirds Tribe retreat, 2018

We tailor custom-built and pre-designed workshop on the needs of my clients and we continue to adapt on the spot to create a unique experience for your organisation.
The pre-designed workshops support you to be an ultimate differentiator as human being in the middle of all the change in our current world, where automatisation push you to be more efficient, positive, playful, to develop frameworks and more. My partners and myself help you to be inspired, to re connect with your intuition, increase awareness and enlarge the range of of how you look and engage with your vision. The below workshops unlock and develop new multiple layers of your intelligence.

Learn how to create collective leadership in an organic way where your teams are engaged and resilient. Benefit from collective leadership methodologies that connects us to a collective transformational journey like: Theory U, Sociocracy 3.0 and the multidimensional Tombo Leadership Tool to influence smoothly organisational changes.

Empowering transformational collaboration training is typically culminate in a 2-3 day training where your participants learn one of the above methodologies and tools to expand your attention, to open your mind, spirit, heart and intention to move into action. You learn to be a more forceful change-maker in your own community.

This workshop invites participants to reflect and engage personally and critically with the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion. Through the conversation we exchange and create a common vocabulary, we get clarity about what’s the meaning of DEI, we get clarity what it means for us in our daily life and what’s our aim to move forward.

Ideal for: Organisations/groups looking to engage their community into an inclusive conversation around DEI and deepen their own understanding and get into action around these topics to close the different gaps within the company.
Groups that want to build a strong foundation to tackle DEI/justice work with a strong impact. Typically: 3 hours, 10-18 participants, customised for the needs/
interests/experiences of the group.

Learn what is mental toughness and how to maintain your inner strength and self confidence in times of unexpected challenges and changes. Benefit from resilient skills to canalise your energy and be more present on daily basis.

Ideal for: Companies, communities, teams, and leaders looking for more clarity how to focus on what really matters without being drained at the end of the day.
This workshop ranges one day and can work with a variety of small group sizes (from 6-15) people).

Learn the mechanisms that prevents you to get to your real success.

Ideal for: Companies/organisations/groups looking to benefit of different skills to dare more and be at ease having courageous conversations without feeling unpleasant and/or taking it personally.

Daring Conversations every day is typically culminate in a 2-3 day training where your participants learn to dive and to navigate smoothly through what was before uncomfortable and difficult moments. Your teams will be prepared to tackle those situations under a creative and light lens.

Learn how you can change your communication and the impact you want to create with others for ever. And anyone curious to benefit from coaching skills to inspire and empower people.

Ideal for: Companies/organisations looking to create a collective and engage mindset culture between your teams. Groups that want to have their people engaged in a more constructive way in the future.. 

Coaching Superpowers is typically culminate in a 2-3 day training where your participants learn the fundamentals and practice the skills and awareness necessary to coach your teams.

Many of us want to create an inspirational impact. You want to lead a powerful team and/or meeting or workshop but instead you manage people and you provide a boring presentation without having your team with you. The result of your current way of working: you’re surrounded by disengaged people instead of having allies.

Ideal for: Companies/organisations/groups

Leading Allies is typically culminate in a 2-3 day training where your participants learn powerful skills and hands on experience how to have a greater impact, influence together and co-create teams, meetings and workshops to achieve purposeful driven objectives.

Are you determined to increase your innovation, collaboration, motivation through stepping outside your comfort zone. Contact me for more information about the trainings & workshops listed, or custom-made opportunities for your team or event.

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Tribal Appreciation

Arsenia raised the quality and increased the performance of the mentoring programme of Professional Women International. Diversity and inclusion are also important to her. I've also been impressed with her commitment to ethics and values. Plus, she's probably the highest-rated female martial arts athlete in Belgium, which I love about her.

Noelle Knox, International Business Journalist, Worldwide

Arsenia is force for good.
She is an incredible executive coach with a passion for transformation and creating change in every human being for the betterment of the world.
She models outwardly her deep resilience and strength, and as a result she is an inspiration to so many. Arsenia is a global citizen, touching everyone she meets and holding them accountable to bring their best selves forward. 
I cannot recommend Arsenia’s coaching expertise and character enough.

Jane Finette, CEO & Co-Founder at Radical, Saratoga, California

I met Arsenia when she was leading the Professional Women’s International (PWI) Mentoring Program where Stanley Black & Decker participated.
I was impressed with her passion and energy to support others and ability to implement change.
Arsenia is extremely dedicated to the goals she is pursuing and puts her heart and soul in achieving them. Arsenia truly exemplifies the finest qualities for today’s diverse professional woman.

Maria Josefina Perdomo Arreaza, European Finance Manager Global Electronic Security, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., Brussels