La poesía no quiere adeptos, quiere amantes, Lorca

With this beautiful quote of Lorca - I encourage you to be passionate about life!
I invite you to find out what brings you joy. I encourage you to be curious about who you really are and to find out what is your life purpose. I can help you to move into action.

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I grow up with a fascination for arts.

Through my work I use arts and nature as communication channels to tap deeper into the strengths of my clients.

And here is a place where I share some of my creations with you.. I hope you enjoy!

Launch Cultural Season Ixelles

This afternoon Ixelles opens her cultural season with a special event at the cemetery. Artists honour other artists with a poem.

On my side it's a privilege to give an ode to Antoine Wiertz. Antoine is a driven and great person. He's a painter, a romanticism sculptor , surrealistic visionary, a master of monumental paintings, a pictural, philosopher with a great personality.
He was sharp! He triggered as a thunder storm the society of his decade.
It was is way to gain attention of the public eye to create visibility around specific problems and to support those in need.
And the impact.. I love to use the metaphor of putting his intestines on the table like he did with his art. He's an artist with a colourful van and he was also called a psychopath. This was the way the triggered people created shame on him and he will continue to seduce us

He never leaves one indifferent Antoine..

Tonight I honor you Antoine Wiertz with the poem“Contemplation “ by Uuno Kailas.
A Finish exotic master. Also special in his way. I feel some vibes resonates with you.
These are my words.

Political Kassàla to honour freedom

Interested to work together?

Kassàla for the wedding of mi hermanita

Kassàla for a wise woman

I go with the flow and I create from everything in 5 languages. It’s fun to inspire kids and to be a playful storyteller..

I'm a coach, a designer, a marketeer and a kendoka who connects & drives people to create powerful teams and heartful leaders.

One of my biggest drivers to become a professional coach is the love to empower kids.
Kids are our future leaders of tomorrow. 

It's through kendo, storytelling, coaching, dance and being a guest lecturer that I inspire them with vulnerability and humanity to be strong, confident beings and who believe that we can make the world a better place. 

This is my way to contribute on daily basis to my communities, to mother earth and
to build strong tribes for the future.

Drawing inspirations