I'm Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria! I'm founder of a tribe called Tombo. I see myself as a global citizen and a catalyst of tribes. Within a fastly evolving work environment, I help teams and leaders generate deep conversations without taboos, with the objective to create sustainable, emotionally intelligent leadership.
Arsenia comes from the Greek ρσἐνιος (Arsenios), which means male, virile, and it's not a coincidence this strong mindset of my name is part of my life journey! This brings me to Tombo Tribe and to you!
I have a passion for transformation and creating change in every human being for the betterment of the world.
I connect high performers with their core, their inner person. My creativity, multicultural background, powerful spirit and competitive athlete kendo experiences have boosted my approach in leading projects with different teams. I coach lovers in business, sports,
the medical sector and the artistic world. My aim is to maximise your innate creative skills and potential resources.
My mission is to help the human population on this planet become connected and grounded leaders.

At Tombo Tribe we engage and we represent the Sustainable Development Goals, commonly known as the Global Goals. Through our services we represent the world’s largest lesson and all other efforts to educate and engage children and adults so that they support the Sustainable Development Goals and want to turn their support into action. I’m multilingual and I work in Spanish, English, Dutch and French. Cumulatively, this has led to the foundation of Tombo Tribe, the Belgian Co-Active Community and the new Mentoring Programme that I designed, implemented and led at Professional Women International Brussels.

I’m known for my straight to the point thing and the best way to disarm me is with a piece of Peruvian black chocolate and an oolong tea. Most of all - I work with people who wants to make a change, to make it happen and to get to their next summit.

My core DNA: fierce . courage . playfulness . excellence

I hold a BA Bachelor of Science in Commercial and Marketing Administration from the College GroepT of KU Leuven, I’m a high ranked martial arts athlete - 5th dan in Kendo, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) - having graduated from The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), San Rafael, CA, USA and completed the co-active leadership program with the same institute. CTI is the largest and oldest in-person leadership training school in the world and the only program to teach its groundbreaking Co-Active model. CTI was the very first organisation accredited by the ICF, and over the last 25 years, CTI has trained over 62,000 coaches, consultants, and leaders worldwide. Each year, over 50% of new professional coaches are trained by CTI.

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Strategic Partners

When the time is opportune for leadership development challenges, I reach out to my deep network to co-create with seasoned partners who also bring together passion, trust, authenticity and an unique deep experience in business and organisational coaching expertise to speedup the transformation of the corporate environment. I’m also pleased to partner with Aligno Management NV for career/transition coaching and executive team coaching and with the non profit organisation The Coaching Fellowship for executive and leadership coaching.