We all have a distinct natural advantage: DNA © This makes us all very precious and unique people. When we connect to our inner identity, we discover what our very own advantages are that create more strength in our personal and professional leadership development. This helps you to create stronger relationships with your team, with your colleagues, students, relationships, kids and yourselves.

Team Coaching

Imagine you had a Team Coach leading real-time interventions as a team performs real work, which helps you to generate in-the-moment awareness, immediate shifts in behaviour, and sustainable improvements in effectiveness and results of your teams. Leading an effective team is about having the right person on board with the knowledge, skill and experience to perform the team’s requirements work. It’s about having a real team with a clear mindset about her purpose and a compelling direction to support the team’s work.
Give your team the opportunity to go beyond its current capabilities by creating clarity in your vision, evoking complex topics, creating new design thinking and improving performance.

The result is that your people gain trust, more focus, engagement and by this, they combine high engagement, increase their sustainable performances as an athlete and the teams they work with. It's a win-win solution where their personal and professional development continues to be developed and makes you an engaged employer.
Together Everyone Achieve More!  Click here to hear how Nico Erik Rosberg, former Formula One racing driver describes what it means trust in a TEAM.

If you want a powerful and a competitive advantage I can help your team grow individually and as a team.

Connect stronger from within
Lead a new future with others

One on one coaching

WHY coaching? Watch this video if you want to get great at something!

How do we improve in the face of complexity? Atul Gawande has studied this question with a surgeon's precision. He shares what he's found to be the key: having a good coach to provide a more accurate picture of our reality, to install positive habits of thinking, and to break our actions down and then help us build them back up again. "It's not how good you are now; it's how good you're going to be that really matters," Gawande says.

Athletes can benefit from coaching by learning strategies to develop confidence, deal with pressure, navigate transitions, avoid burnout, improve performance and much more.
At Tombo Coaching you get first to know who you’re from inside out, you get in touch with your core and from there you deepening the learning into action. And you will know how good you’re going to be when you start the coaching process with me.

Source: TED2017

WHAT is coaching about?

The coaching relationship goes two ways; it will empower your transformational development and tap as well into your personal, team and organisational development resources.
A coaching relationship will transform your life experiences into powerful visions.

The questions are:

How will you achieve those life purposes, challenges, work opportunities, career, sickness, competition,..?

Are you willing to connect with your being, discover what are you yearning for, look to your difficulties, uncertainties and explore which path corresponds to your vision?

All depends on how YOU face yourself in front of a mountain. The mountain can have different sizes and you might have to climb different mountains during your life. It’s a path that will make you look at, explore and unleash the power of your inner depth. It's like taking the iceberg as a metaphor for your being.

The coaching process will connect you to the shape of your underwater self and look for what makes you a fulfilled person. Further you will continue to move forward step by step, by using your strengths to stretch your limits if you’re up to it. Following this way you will explore, create, amplify your mind frame, find out new perspectives to aspire to and create powerful visions. I work with athletes from the Corporate, the Medical sector, the Top sport and the Artistic world.


I use the co-active coaching model, different systemic tools and martial arts during the coaching process. It all depends what your mind, spirit body needs and where you want to go.
The co-active model is an eclectic model who has elements from the solution focused method, the neuro- linguistic programming, mindfulness and much more. It’s a multidimensional coaching tool who is focused on the whole person.
The Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, has helped The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) bring the art and practice of co-active coaching together with the science that supports its efficacy.

HOW coaching can benefit athletes from the Corporate, the Medical sector,
the Top sport and the Artistic world?

- Anger
- Stay detached by fear, your inner critics and failure
- Relationship with colleagues, teams, trainers and/or family
- Body-image
- Burnout
- Career transitions (e.g., from minor rugby player to junior; from high school to university)
- Coping with a serious injury
- Self-image
- Unmet expectations

- Creativity
- Impact
- Aspirations
- Lack of confidence
- Presence
- Focus
- Resilience
- Mental toughness
- Performance consistency
- Performance improvement
- Performance Stress

As your coach I commit to guide you outside your comfort zone to combine purpose and to be great at what you do. I assist my coachees in a direct way and with love.


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Source: ICF Global Client Study was commissioned by the ICF and conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Upcoming NEWS

Tribal Appreciation

Arsenia raised the quality and increased the performance of the mentoring programme of Professional Women International. Diversity and inclusion are also important to her. I've also been impressed with her commitment to ethics and values. Plus, she's probably the highest-rated female martial arts athlete in Belgium, which I love about her.

Noelle Knox, International Business Journalist, Worldwide

Arsenia is force for good.
She is an incredible executive coach with a passion for transformation and creating change in every human being for the betterment of the world.
She models outwardly her deep resilience and strength, and as a result she is an inspiration to so many. Arsenia is a global citizen, touching everyone she meets and holding them accountable to bring their best selves forward. 
I cannot recommend Arsenia’s coaching expertise and character enough.

Jane Finette, CEO & Co-Founder at Radical, Saratoga, California

I met Arsenia when she was leading the Professional Women’s International (PWI) Mentoring Program where Stanley Black & Decker participated.
I was impressed with her passion and energy to support others and ability to implement change.
Arsenia is extremely dedicated to the goals she is pursuing and puts her heart and soul in achieving them. Arsenia truly exemplifies the finest qualities for today’s diverse professional woman.

Maria Josefina Perdomo Arreaza, European Finance Manager Global Electronic Security, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., Brussels