I am the architect who modulates, explores, creates spaces to connect, know yourself and propulse your visions forward.

For more than 15 years, I have expertise as a marketing professional, an account executive and
a financial analyst for leading companies such as Euroclear Bank and the industrial leader in diversified technology, Johnson Controls.

In this highly competitive market, I challenged myself to develop effective asset services for financial institutions. What's more, this environment gave me the opportunity to coach, train and support people to challenge the way they work together as a team and with different operational departments. Empowering teams to true professional relationships gives me energy.

In parallel to this financial career, I spent two years studying japanology at Ghent University and have a passion for martial arts. I've lived in Japan and visited there many times. 
As a result, I developed strong intercultural relationships that enlarged my horizons and
gave me new life perspectives.

I have practiced kendo for over a decade and I belong to its elite group. 
I train, mentor and coach kids during training and competitions. Mental coaching gives me a search out to identify the short and long term needs,
inspire people based on individual needs, empower them with a strong fighting spirit,
this to achieve the desired objective. 

My creativity, multicultural background, powerful spirit and kendo experiences have boosted my approach in leading projects with different teams. Those rich interactions have fostered my ability to drive people to connect with their inner leadership and transform their strength in powerful new solutions.  Those experiences are creating resourcefulness in my day-to-day business life. Cumulatively, this has led to the foundation of Tombo Coaching & Consulting.  
It's purpose is: "Connecting and driving people to create powerful visions!"

I have a BA in marketing from the college GroepT of Leuven.
I am a top athlete in kendo, an artist, a mindfulness trainer, a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) - having graduated fromThe Coaching Training Institute and
completed the co-active leadership program with the same institute.

I'm co-creator, founder and leading the Belgian co-active coaching community (BCC).