We all have a distinct natural advantage: DNA ©
This makes us all very precious and unique people. When we connect to our inner identity,
we discover what our very own advantages are that create more strength in our personal and professional development. 
This helps create stronger relationships with our team, with our colleagues, student, relationships, kids and ourselves.

At TOMBO we guide you to find your drive and empower your actions in this new journey.

I provide a variety of trainings for groups or individuals that I customise to your personal wishes & needs:

  • Leadership architect for organisations individuals 
  • Strategic marketing consultancy for startup entrepreneurs | professional coaches
  • Health consultancy for:
    - during the sickness journey of long-term employees.
    - reintegration of long-term absences due to diseases, burn-out, cancer,... with the
      objective of creating a meaningful and valuable career path and empower the Relationship in the framework of the business goals & visions.
  • Mindfulness training for organisations | new start for long-term absent professionals | individuals | teachers | kids