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Tina de Meeûs and Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria co lead together for the Belgian co-active event #13.

This last event of the season gives YOU an opportunity for supervision.

It's going to be a huge chance to continue to polish your skills, get back to your coaching basics like never before and dig deeper. 
It's about experimenting, looking into the mirror & seeing your saboteurs, practising again with a beginners mind and being vulnerable beings in a safe environment that we will hold for you. You will leave the room with more confidence and you will be playful as peter pan with your coaching panel as you never before! 

Join us, improve your coaching skills to the next stage, learn from your fellow Co-Active coaches and connect with the CTI co-activity alumni after the workshop. 

BCC invites you to save your spot asap as there're 12 limited seats available.

Looking forward to seeing you! Arsenia