Tombo Philosophy

”Tombo” means dragonfly in Japanese.  It is written “蜻蛉” or “勝虫” in Kanji characters.
The meaning of “勝” is victory/ win, and “虫” means bug. This is the reason why “Tombo” was
a popular symbol of courage among Samurai warriors in Edo period(1615–1868).

I chose the Tombo because it reflects my philosophy of life, how I transformed my personal experiences and became who I am now in the present. Like the dragonfly, I always move forward in life, like the dragonfly, I never fly backward.

Tombo Coaching Consulting represents a peaceful unity, genuine impartiality and the harmonious combination of knowledge and strength in the relationship with her clients.

This Tombo relationship is there to guide purpose-led leaders and teams with their full potential, their being and move forward with their personal and professional growth development.

With a little Tombo in your life, I am confident that those values will nurture this relationship with YOU to overcome hardships and lift you high into a luminous future with determined dispositions.

My personal mission is to help:

  • individuals discovering their inner person, connect with themselves, empower them to create new powerful possibilities and transform their life experiences; 
  • maximise people’s innate creative skills and potential resources;
  • assist, stimulate and motivate people to live as much as possible in line with their passion and
    get the maximum out of themselves, their lives, health, careers and relationships.

I achieve this using:

  • Leadership & Life coaching for private individuals, employees within business organisations and groups/teams.
  • The CO-ACTIVE method and the TOMBO philosophy.
  • The Myers - Briggs type indicator (MBTI). This tool builds a solid foundation for life long personal & professional development.
    It provides a constructive, flexible and liberating framework for understanding individual differences and strenghts.
  • Mindfulness, a tool that is inspired by Zen. It assists me to help you to accept mental and physical obstacles when they come on the path and to support you to take care of them in a gentle way.
  • The Co-Active Leadership skills.
  • The 4 agreements based on the ancient Toltec wisdom.
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team of Patrick Lencioni.
  • “The work” of Byron Katie.

I coach in Spanish, English, Dutch and French.
I also provide free inspiration, thought provoking ideas & challenges:

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