Neuroscience combined with visual arts, yoga, gaga & kendo moves you through your deeper self and empathy. My aim is to guide YOU to become a grounded and connected leader!


When I connect my breath with my core, I empower myself and from there I can empower other people. One of my biggest drivers to become a coach is the love to empower kids.
They are our the leaders of tomorrow. Because I’m a DYS I’m eager and I’m fascinated to help them to understand who they really are from inside out. I support them through kendo, storytelling, coaching and through embodiment movements. I inspire them with vulnerability and humanity to be strong, inclusive and confident beings and who believe that we can make the world a better place. Within a fast-evolving work environment, I help teams and leaders generate deep conversations without taboos, with the objective to create sustainable, emotionally intelligent leadership.

I’m leading by example by doing the work. This is my way to commit on daily basis to my communities, to my clients, to mother earth and to build stronger tribes for the future. I also invite you to give your help.

Tombo Tribe supports Leadership through:
- teaching, training kids and adults in the Japanese martial art called kendo
- storytelling at the library Sans Soucis, Brussels
- designing mindful embodiment movement and graphic workshops in beautiful & sustainable organisations and schools

In parallel to my professional career, I spent two years studying Eastern Languages and Cultures specialised in Japan, University of Ghent with a particular interest in anthropology, Arts history and martial arts. I've lived in Japan and visited there many times. Since leaving formal education, I continued my investigations into the body movement, studying the path of the sword for over 2 decades (kendo) and yoga. Of these my encounter with the language movement of gaga is essential.  As a result, I developed strong intercultural relationships that enlarged my horizons and gave me new life perspectives.

My creativity, multicultural background, powerful spirit and kendo experiences have boosted my approach in leading projects with different teams. Those rich interactions have fostered my ability to drive people to connect with their inner leadership and transform their strength in inspiring and beautiful new solutions. Those experiences are creating resourcefulness in my day-to-day creative life. 

Mental coaching gives me a search out to identify the short and long term needs, to help my clients to develop mental toughness, to improve performance, resilience and wellbeing.
I empower them with a strong fighting spirit, this to achieve the desired objective.

Interested to inspire the next generation?
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The aim of KENDO is to train the human spirit through the application of the theories of the katana (sword).

Mitsuru Hamasaki sensei, former police officer and kendo trainer. I was honoured to receive his teachings during the Kitamoto leadership seminar for kendo leaders in Japan. For him, accessing a mindset where you build a beautiful character and empathy is even more important than mastering technique.

Cultural and Educational partners

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