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Women Forerunner Leadership Programme

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Today we celebrate the "International Women's Day" where the campaign theme for this year is: #PressforProgress. Last research tells us that gender parity is over 200 years away - there has never been a more important time for us to launch the Women Forerunner Leadership Programme.

My inspiring friend and co-active architect partner, Astrid Teigaas, and I have co designed a new Leadership Programme called "Women Forerunner Leadership Programme"! 
Astrid is a remarkable expert in the field of women's leadership, and together we investigate, discuss and challenge different leadership scenarios that happens to us and other women in leadership positions up till now.

We noticed that there are certain behaviours that hold women's backs and research show us clearly the obstructions that can delay women as they try to move up the corporate ladder.
We wanted to co-create something new and create a change and it's in an organic way that this programme is created.

The creation of this programme is part of a seed that has been planted 4 years ago and it's through those intensive brainstorming discussions that this beautiful creation has surged today. We want to guide those women through this transition period to get them to their professional summit. 

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The programme begins 25 April 2018 during 12 weeks. It consists of 6 biweekly online modules where women will be part of a like minded community of successful leaders who find new ways to step up to their own power.
A community , this to take the next step, where you will share your insights, your experiences and rise your leadership to the next level.

Through the 6 modules, the systemic group coaching, peer reviews, leadership cases, the philosophy of martial arts and outdoor sports you:

- Learn about your inner leadership styles and strengths
- Unstuck your self-perceived limitations
- Expand your impactful presence as a leader
- Create dynamic ways to continually focus on your presence as a leader and improve your communication skills

We invite you to join our upcoming webinar on 22 March where we connect and we hold the space for Q&A around the programme.

I'm already grateful for anything you can do to broadcast this intention to our world.

Forerunner Leadership Programme is a kick ass project for women that are ready to rise into the next stage of their leadership. Click here to follow the Women Forerunner Leadership blog! Collectively, let's all press for progress. 



Arsenia is passionate about working with people who care about long-term success for themselves and society. Her creativity, multicultural background, powerful spirit and competitive athlete kendo experiences have boosted her approach in leading projects with different teams. She coaches high performing business people and top athletes, and helps with reintegration after diseases and burn-out with the objective to create a meaningful career.
She also coaches in four languages. Cumulatively, this has led to the foundation of Tombo Coaching Leadership, the Belgian Co-Active Community and the new Mentoring Programme that she’s leading at Professional Women International Brussels. Arsenia is known for her straight to the point thing and the best way to disarm her is with a piece of black chocolate and an oolong tea.
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Astrid is passionate about leadership, team performance, creativity and having fun as we move forward. She believes that happy people make good decisions and that good decisions foster companies with a healthy economy.
She is always looking for opportunities for growth in herself and those around her. She is an experienced lawyer turned coach and mountain guide to be. Astrid holds everyone to a high standard and believes failing good often is the only way to success. Astrid loves wild mountains and sea and lives on the west coast of Norway.   
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Training Fees

Buy your ticket before 25/03 and get your early tickets €2450 instead of €2950.
Includes all material, as well as a coaching session after the programme.


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Forerunner profile

Women Forerunner Leadership Programme brings together a group of experienced women leaders.
Our mission is to support those women leaders on their journey. We do not discriminate against age.
Our evaluation criteria is based on the capacity and range of their impact,
and where the individual is in her career to increase her growth.